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You will find Information across the site on mental health. We update at least twice a week, so please keep an eye out for regularly updated *original stories and reportage. Look no further than our Blog Page for:

  • FIRST PERSON ACCOUNTS: Your Stories on living with bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, overcoming an eating disorder* anxiety and depression, learning to heal, self-harm*, living with post-partum depression, How Therapy Works
    (*Trigger warning)
  • EXPERT VIEWS: On Child and Adolescent Mental Health, Schizophrenia, Depression, The Need to Pause, Myths about Child Abuse and Boys, How Therapy Works, How to be Kind to Yourself, Family Therapy, Losing a Pregnancy: Allowing Yourself Time to Grieve; Domestic Violence; Dealing with Break-ups
  • *NEW*: ‘Sadventures‘ by Solo, Sticks and Stones by Kishore Mohan and more original comicson mental health
  • *NEW*: Posts in Hindi (thanks to our friends at
  • Information on Mental Health, including Infographics:
  • – Myths and Facts on depression
    – Understanding Panic Disorders
    – Understanding Anxiety Disorders
    – Post-Partum Depression
    – Myths on Child Abuse
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