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Dealing with Life during COVID-19: My Journey Through Depression

Depression can leave you feeling wrecked, worthless and entirely alone – an invisible illness, it can be hard for loved ones to pick up on what you are going through. In this post, a university student shares some of her journey on dealing with Depression during Covid-19.

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Understanding Therapy: What to Expect in Your First Session

By Kamna Chhibber This is a matter of intrigue for most people who are interested in knowing about therapy or are considering taking therapy for themselves or others they know. The curiosity about what happens, what to expect, how to prep is immense. The thought about the first session can lead to intense anxiety. I […]

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Solo’s Sadventures 11: It’s All About Therapy

  Check out more Sadventures by Solo About the Artist: Solo is a writer and cartoonist from Bangalore. She likes reading, playing video games and binge-watching Netflix. Her life would have been rather unremarkable had it not been for her BPD fuelled imagination. She also has 4 cats. Views Expressed are Personal. The Health Collective is not a […]

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थेरेपी से कितना फ़ायदा हो सकता है, जानिए

यह आलेख हमारी विस्तृत सिरीज़ अंडरस्टैंडिंग थेरेपी का हिस्सा है.  रत्ना गोलकनाथ थेरेपी लेने का फ़ैसला आसान नहीं होता है, मन में कई तरह के ख़्याल होते हैं. किसी पर भरोसा करें या नहीं, क्या यह समय और पैसों की बर्बादी होगी? जैसे सवाल भी उभरते हैं. इतना ही नहीं यह चिंता भी होती है कि […]

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Understanding Therapy: Let’s Talk About Dependence

By Kamna Chhibber The word ‘dependence’ in the context of therapy has received much criticism and negative commentary over the years. Most who enter therapy or know loved ones who are in therapy tend to be apprehensive about the ‘dependency’ that can get fostered in therapy towards the therapist. There is an underlying hesitation that […]

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Ask the Experts: Dr Google and the Problem with Self-Diagnosis

By Ratna Golaknath Don’t we always know when something doesn’t feel quite right with us? Aren’t we the first to figure out when our mood is low, irritable or even exuberant or aggressive? Sometimes we pick up on the pattern in our moods- ‘I get really low around my period’, ‘ I find the holidays […]

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