Mpower and Chal Rang De create the Art Express project in Mumbai

Art Express: Mental Health Awareness One Brush Stroke at a Time

By Sukanya Sharma It was an unusual Sunday in Bandra, Mumbai thanks to an art project called ‘Art Express’, organised by Mpower in collaboration with Chal Rang De (a non-profit that seeks to transform communities using art). With the aim to de-stigmatise mental health, the Art Express project attracted numerous volunteers who painted the streets […]

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Homesickness and loneliness

Urban Life: Is Homesickness Making You Sick?  

By Sukanya Sharma In the late 17th century, the term ‘nostalgia’ was coined by a Swiss physician named Johannes Hofer, according to this fascinating article in The Atlantic. “A longing to be back home”, nostalgia was “considered a psychopathological disorder” and there were a range of treatments prescribed. Leeching and bullying are two noted in […]

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Rainbow Pride

Interviewing Miss International Queen

As part of our Freedom Series, Devanik Saha interviews Nitasha Biswas, Miss International Queen 2018. Edited excerpts from the interview. “Tackling one’s mental health is one of the biggest challenges for any LGBTQ+ person. Given India’s societal stereotypes, accepting your own gender identity and bodily changes is a difficult task,” Nitasha Biswas tells The Health Collective. ALSO […]

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The Freedom Series: Coming to Terms With Your Sexuality

By Devanik Saha First, a shocking reality check. Two of every 3 queer persons reported hearing homophobic comments in their workplace, according to this 2016 LGBT Workplace Climate Survey, conducted by the Mission for Indian Gay & Lesbian Empowerment. That’s not a statistic to be proud of, and one that many of us cannot afford to […]

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Health Insurance for All: Mental Health

By The Health Collective Is Mental Healthcare in India coming of age? It might be premature to celebrate, but there is a huge and significant move that looks at ensuring that mental healthcare is treated on par with physical or general medical healthcare. There is a directive to insurers to ensure medical insurance for treatment […]

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Preventive Mental Health

By Devanik Saha Talk Happy Therapy recently did a workshop at TERI School of Advanced Studies in Delhi. I spoke to Simran Luthra, the founder of Talk Happy Therapy for The Health Collective to find out more about her attempts to use “fun methods” to revolutionise the mental health sector in India. Edited excerpts of  conversation and […]

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Body Image and You: Digging Deeper

By Sukanya Sharma Just last year, social media was flooded with notifications about this new app called Sarahah, which everyone seemed to be obsessed about! it was an app that allowed people to send anonymous messages. Realising the opportunity for an honest conversation, Swarnima Bhattacharya, founder of TheaCare, a women’s health website (formerly called Women’s Health […]

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Mental Health and the LGBTQ+ Community

By Devanik Saha The Lalit Hospitality Group on Sunday organised a seminar on ‘Understanding LGBTQ+ community from a mental health perspective. This was done in collaboration with the Indian Psychiatric Society and HealthCare Professionals for Queer India (HPQI), a collective which works to sensitise health care workers to the LGBTQ+ community’s health care needs. So […]

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Mental Health in the News

THE HEADLINE: AIIMS explores link between yoga and mental health (The Indian Express) WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: AIIMS director Dr Randeep Guleria said that there are 20 research projects at the premier medical institute looking at the potential health benefits of yoga, including for preventive medicine. The Indian Express references a recent study “showing […]

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