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Young Voices: A Letter from a Law Student on Life, Stress and Being There

By Sukirti Agrawal I am writing this letter to remind you how much I care for you. You are a gem and I am here for you. This letter is a gentle reminder for our loneliness. I hope for it to relieve you and make you feel strong; for you to feel free to dance […]

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The Freedom Series: Being Gay and ‘Manning Up’ in the Media

By Anant Zanane I have a story to tell. Of being a deeply closeted mediawala, who tried to fit into the cut-throat world of breaking news journalism. I lost myself in the process and even inflicted self-harm. But it has also been an interesting journey of self-discovery, confronting my demons, and shedding my inhibitions. And I […]

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Talking About Mental Illness

By Amrita Tripathi Over the past decade, it seems to have become marginally easier to discuss issues like depression or anxiety disorders or panic attacks in public, compared to discussing psychosis, at any rate. There is a little awareness, and collectively, we might be pulling in the right direction. Would you agree? Though there are […]

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