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Mental Health Books: Reccos from Author and Editor Himanjali Sankar

By Himanjali Sankar Mathematics has always let me down and I find I listed 6 books when asked for five but decided to go along with it since couldn’t decide which one to eliminate. The books are ordered chronologically according to year of publication. The Yellow Wallpaper (1892) – by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, is a […]

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Mrs C Remembers: An Excerpt

Featuring an excerpt of the wonderful book Mrs C Remembers, where author Himanjali Sankar explores unique family dynamics, the mother-daughter relationship and the condition of dementia (and coming to terms with a loved one getting the diagnosis), with a profound touch.  Also Read: Our interview with Himanjali Sankar  Ma no longer asks if I am tired when […]

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Dementia: Five Things Not to Say to People You Care About

By Amrita Tripathi Do read excerpt of Mrs C Remembers right here on The Health Collective. Below are lightly edited excerpts of an interview with the author, Himanjali Sankar. 1. Congratulations on an incredibly compelling story, a complicated one and a very personal one. First off, what drove you to write this book? And what would you want to […]

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