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Your Stories: How I’ve Lived with Depression, Panic Attacks and Anxiety Disorder

By Girish Iyer This is a story of a 12-year-old boy who was blessed to have been born to into a family with parents who supported him and stood as a pillar of support at every stage of life. Things were as normal as any other child of his age till the age of 11 […]

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Your Stories: An Existential Crisis or Cause for Concern?

By @gulzaarzindagi I was on vacation at one of the most beautiful places on Earth, that is Kerala, back in December. I had a beach-view facing room and yet… all the beauty in the world didn’t have any effect on me. I was lying on my bed, numb, unable to read the books that I […]

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Solo’s Sadventure Time 10: It’s All In a Diagnosis

Art by Solo for The Health Collective   As someone who is BPD, meeting people who can relate to my symptoms is quite a common part of my life. To be honest, it would be strange if they didn’t. At the end of the day, a personality disorder does mean that you indulge in a […]

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How To Cope With Your Brand New BPD Diagnosis: Part II

Coping with a new diagnosis of any sort isn’t easy. It is especially difficult when it is BPD.  Because being BPD means a lot of things. It means dealing with intense, unstable emotions, uncontrollable rage, paranoia, delusions and being an incorrigible defeatist. But here’s how you can make your mind a safer space! Read How […]

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Unravelling the Mystery of Anxiety Disorders

By Kamna Chhibber The unknown typically induces fear. Many mental health conditions — despite the stark statistics that show their prevalence — continue to be a mystery to a large segment of the population. Thinking prevails that mental health conditions are a sign of weakness, or an inability to control yourself, something you’re making up […]

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Gaslighting: Legal Support and Protection  

By Scherezade Siobhan This article is Part 3 of a series unpacking the issues around what is called ‘Gaslighting’.  Do read Part 1: Gaslighting: Red Flags and Part 2: Gaslighting: Getting Help and Healing One part of emerging as a survivor of gaslighting and the traumatic fallout of abuse is to seek mental health help to rebuild […]

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Is Therapy Meant for Everyone?

By Devanik Saha Should we all seek therapy irrespective of our mental state? Is taking therapy an evidence of an illness? Can a mentally healthy person seek counselling? Would they benefit from talk therapy? Over 50 million Indians have suffered from depression in their lifetime, according to a 2017 study by World Health Organization (WHO). […]

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Grey Hours: A Psychologist and Survivor’s Journey Through Depression

By Scherezade Siobhan A decade ago, when I was swept by a giant wave of major depressive disorder (MDD), I would step out of my room every morning with a well-rehearsed nonchalance, a permanent scowl to insert suitable distance between myself and anyone else who would ask me how I was doing, and mostly unironed […]

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Ask the Experts: Understanding ADD and ADHD

  Dr Amit Sen; Founder, Children First I think one of the most relevant topics today in child mental health is ADD OR ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). It’s one of the most common disorders in childhood although there is a lot of controversy still across the world about the nature of it, whether it […]

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