Mental Health

Let’s Talk Mental Health: We Need to Do Better

Amrita Tripathi I asked a few experts why it’s important to do better when it comes to Mental Health conversations in India. Even as we aim to address the gap in resources, the challenges and the stigma, and laud the courage of those who are willing to share their gruelling journeys, hoping that they can […]

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Emotions and Healing

Five Tips to Talk About Mental Health Responsibly

We know the feeling — things are moving so fast that it’s sometimes hard to keep up with all the guidelines on commenting/ sharing responsibly when it comes to a topic you are so passionate about… A topic that’s often in the middle of a blindingly urgent news cycle, a news cycle that itself doesn’t […]

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Understanding Therapy: What to Expect in Your First Session

By Kamna Chhibber This is a matter of intrigue for most people who are interested in knowing about therapy or are considering taking therapy for themselves or others they know. The curiosity about what happens, what to expect, how to prep is immense. The thought about the first session can lead to intense anxiety. I […]

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थेरेपी से कितना फ़ायदा हो सकता है, जानिए

यह आलेख हमारी विस्तृत सिरीज़ अंडरस्टैंडिंग थेरेपी का हिस्सा है.  रत्ना गोलकनाथ थेरेपी लेने का फ़ैसला आसान नहीं होता है, मन में कई तरह के ख़्याल होते हैं. किसी पर भरोसा करें या नहीं, क्या यह समय और पैसों की बर्बादी होगी? जैसे सवाल भी उभरते हैं. इतना ही नहीं यह चिंता भी होती है कि […]

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The Artidote on instagram

On Empathy and Valuing EQ: Meet The Artidote Founder Jova Ferreryra

Jovanny “Jova” Varela Ferreyra is the founder of The Artidote, an incredible site, which in its own words: “Launched in 2015 as a virtual space where to story-tell, empathize, bond and heal through art, today The Artidote community has become a global support group that has saved lives through social media.” Read edited excerpts of an […]

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Is Therapy Meant for Everyone?

By Devanik Saha Should we all seek therapy irrespective of our mental state? Is taking therapy an evidence of an illness? Can a mentally healthy person seek counselling? Would they benefit from talk therapy? Over 50 million Indians have suffered from depression in their lifetime, according to a 2017 study by World Health Organization (WHO). […]

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Your Stories: How to Travel Light

The Health Collective is delighted to feature an interview with Shreevatsa Nevatia, author of How To Travel Light: My Memories of Madness and Melancholia (Penguin RandomHouse India, 2017). We highly recommend the book, which releases October 25, 2017 in India.  Nevatia speaks to Amrita Tripathi about his book, his journey, and some of the very personal and […]

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The Law and You: Mental Healthcare in Educational Institutions

By Vandita Morarka Childhood and adolescence are without doubt the most important phase of one’s developmental life, which is why focus on mental and physical well being is the only way to ensure holistic development. Internationally, several developed and developing nations have adopted wide-based mental healthcare practices in educational institutions. It is time for India to pay attention […]

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Mental Health in the News

The Headline: Multi-gene Test May Better Predict Who Will Suffer from Dementia (NDTV)  What you need to know: According to an article in the Annals of Neurology, it is now possible to predict who will suffer from dementia or cognitive decline. The test called the Polygenic Hazard Score (PHS) combines the effects of over two dozen gene mutations, […]

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