Ask the Experts: What to do if the News is Triggering Anxiety?

By Kamna Chhibber Anxiety is an adaptive response, an indication being provided by our mind and body to protect us from a difficult and threatening situation. In olden eras, the threat may have been posed by wild animals and fires or storms. In today’s day and age, the threats can be multi-fold: it’s not just […]

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Art Self Care and Mental Health April 2019

Young Mental Health: A Message to End Bullying

By Amrita Tripathi It’s an incredible thing to meet young people — an event that can often spark hope and the strong belief that things will change for the better. Thanks to Dr Samir Parikh, Kamna Chhibber and the Fortis Mental Health team, I met a bright young group of Mental Health advocates last month. […]

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Understanding Therapy: Are You Ready for an Intervention

By Kamna Chhibber As you ponder over starting therapy you are likely to reflect upon a number of variables – the finances, availability of time, finding the right person, and so on. The one variable most people forget to look at is their own selves. In fact you as the person seeking therapy are as […]

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Homesickness and loneliness

Urban Life: Is Homesickness Making You Sick?  

By Sukanya Sharma In the late 17th century, the term ‘nostalgia’ was coined by a Swiss physician named Johannes Hofer, according to this fascinating article in The Atlantic. “A longing to be back home”, nostalgia was “considered a psychopathological disorder” and there were a range of treatments prescribed. Leeching and bullying are two noted in […]

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Me Too and Mental Health

ACJ Student Pritha Mallick reached out to us with some questions around Mental Health and #MeToo. Here are some edited excerpts of an interview with psychologist and Health Collective contributor, Kamna Chhibber. 1. One of the first reaction to women’s account on sexual harassment and assault in social media spaces is the prevailing tendency to […]

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Alzheimer’s: The Need for Compassion, Care

By Kamna Chhibber In my work as a therapist I come across people who struggle with caring for someone who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.  The changes in life expectancy having altered the age to which human beings live has also created a dent in the issues that individuals face when they reach the later […]

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Suicide Prevention Day: Creating the Space to Seek Help

By Kamna Chhibber Speaking, talking and sharing are not always given space in society. Often we shy away from discussing difficult issues. We find it a challenge to share our true thoughts and feelings. Many feel that what goes on within them may not be acceptable to others around them and in society at large. […]

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Self-Care in this Journey Called Life

By Kamna Chhibber Life abounds with stress. Challenges stare us in the face and complex dynamics are at play in most facets of our life, particularly in our relationships. One of the most crucial, yet overlooked aspects is the need for self-care. Nothing other than taking care of yourself and your well-being can be more important […]

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Death by Suicide: Answering Some Key Questions

By Kamna Chhibber Recent news has highlighted how an individual from any walk of life, regardless of gender, age, stage of life, socio-economic, religious or cultural background may be susceptible to death by suicide. These incidents have left many confused, some overwhelmed, and others unsure of what happened. To the average man, the lives that […]

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Make the Most of Therapy: Five Things You Can Do

By Kamna Chhibber The investment that goes into therapy — be it time, effort, your self or money — is enormous. When you pitch in as much as you do in therapy, undoubtedly you want to derive the maximum from it. Yet many people are left feeling that therapy is not giving them back as […]

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