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Dial iCall for Help: How the TISS-Housed Helpline Delivers

iCALL is a psycho-social helpline run by the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), that aims to offer counselling via phone, mail and chat to those in emotional and psychological distress. The service which runs from 8 am to 10 PM from Monday to Saturday, is primarily funded by the Mariwala Health Initiative, since 2015. […]

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Five Years in, Sheroes Helpline Aims for High Empathy, Deep Impact

Amrita Tripathi We spent some time this summer looking up stress and other helplines that are operational in India, and will be taking a closer look at how these helplines function, as well as other insights they can share. Here are excerpts of an e-interview  with Sairee Chahal, Founder-CEO of SHEROES (a women-only social network). […]

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Suicide Prevention: Is India’s Data Enough to Tackle the Complex Issue?

‘Farmers commit suicide due to debt and crop failure’.  ‘Housewives commit suicide due to domestic violence’. ‘Young students commit suicide due to failure in exams’. You will have seen these phrases, which commonly appear in media reports and social media discussions on suicide in India. More often than not, any debate or discussion tends to revolve […]

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