Comics for Mental Health

Affirmations: I Will Sleep Easy

By Adwaita Das     Also Check Out More Affirmations by Adwaita Das About the artist: Adwaita is an author-filmmaker-artist. Her books Colours of Shadow, 27 Stitches, and Songs of Sanity deal with mental health awareness. Karon Kolkata Ebong Onyo Golpo, her debut feature film, is ready for release. She is currently creating art to share good vibes […]

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Anger Management: Tips to Deal

By Sukanya Sharma This is part two of an interview with Consultant Psychiatrist Dr Hozefa A Bhinderwala.  Read Part One: Anger and Us  What are tips to have an emotionally healthy relationship with ourselves?   The most important thing is to accept that you are a human being and have limitations Chasing perfection and always trying to do […]

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Rainbow Pride

Pride and Love: How to Navigate Intimacy and Emotional Health

This article is part of our FREEDOM SERIES; in the run-up to Valentine’s Day and as we aim to upend the mass-market cookie cutter romance-celebrations, we’re taking a closer look at Relationships. Whether you’re out and proud or trying to navigate your own way, we’re here to tell you you’re #NotAlone and that we’re committed […]

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Healing Flowers

Emotional Abuse: Move Past Commentary to Compassion

By Scherezade Siobhan My client H is a bright-eyed software engineer with an envious fountain of noodle curls for hair. In her first session, we actually bond over the implicit politicisation of women’s hair as she declares she would do anything to have my poker straight tresses to which I respond with my barely contained […]

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Gaslighting: Getting Help and Healing

By Scherezade Siobhan This is Part 2 of a Series on Gaslighting. Read Part One, GASLIGHTING: RED FLAGS  The logical question that follows any discussion about the red flags of gaslighting– How does someone heal from this kind of abuse? Here is a more general layout for possible ways in which you can begin to […]

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Gaslighting: Red Flags

By Scherezade Siobhan In recent times, we have all observed widespread and complicit attempts at gaslighting women in public and personal spheres. Whether it is questioning the veracity of assault survivors and their stories or continued social media targeting of a woman journalist to dissuade her from doing her job, we are all watching these heinous […]

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