Ask the Experts: What to do if the News is Triggering Anxiety?

By Kamna Chhibber Anxiety is an adaptive response, an indication being provided by our mind and body to protect us from a difficult and threatening situation. In olden eras, the threat may have been posed by wild animals and fires or storms. In today’s day and age, the threats can be multi-fold: it’s not just […]

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Anger Management: Tips to Deal

By Sukanya Sharma This is part two of an interview with Consultant Psychiatrist Dr Hozefa A Bhinderwala.  Read Part One: Anger and Us  What are tips to have an emotionally healthy relationship with ourselves?   The most important thing is to accept that you are a human being and have limitations Chasing perfection and always trying to do […]

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Anger and Us: Are You Over-Worked, Stressed and Lashing Out?

By Sukanya Sharma It probably is no surprise to any of us, that most adult Indians suffer from stress. Last year, a survey by Cigna TTK Health Insurance, as reported by Economic Times, revealed that about 89% of the population suffers from stress, and 75% of the respondents do not feel comfortable talking to a […]

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Learn to De-Clutter to De-Stress and Unwind

By Alice Robertson Steady, consistent progress: That seems like a simplistic explanation of how people with clean homes keep them so tidy, but it’s a good way to describe a lifestyle choice that makes an enormous difference. Like it or not, all those habits your mother tried to drum into you all those years ago really […]

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Ask the Experts: Dr Amit Sen

When it comes to pre-teens and adolescents in India, pretty much the most only time we hear about anything to do with mental health is the much-dreaded “exam-related stress”. Every year, around Board exams and a little before, we wake up to the enormous levels of pressure young people operate under, in an unhealthily competitive environment. […]

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