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PSYCH-Ed: Talking Positive Mental Health, One School at a Time

By Dr Samir Parikh Having closely worked in the field of Child and Adolescent Mental Health with various schools over several years, we have realised the necessity of understanding the kind of problems faced by children and adolescents from their perspective itself. ALSO READ: RELATIONSHIP STRESS AND MORE: WHAT’S TROUBLING OUR KIDS In fact, given […]

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Ask the Experts: Bullying and School Kids

By Dr Amit Sen Bullying I feel is hugely underestimated and a lot of people don’t quite understand what it means. Schools that say they don’t have bullying– and many schools say  they don’t have any bullying in their schools — probably don’t understand what it (entails). Bullying is rampant, across cultures, across different age […]

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Ask the Experts: Child and Adolescent Mental Health

By Dr. Maria Luisa Hincapié We all want our children to be healthy and happy. While we promptly whisk our kids off to the emergency room or the pediatrician when they are physically ill; many parents struggle when confronted with mental illness in their progeny. There is still a lot of stigma attached to seeking […]

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