Comics for Mental Health

Affirmations: Goodbye Anxiety

By Adwaita Das       Words are powerful. Hence songs are popular. But one can listen to instrumental music and affirm to oneself of loving peace. Let the affirmations be lyrics. Even when surrounded by cacophony, one can plug into this manner of musical meditation. Flow with music. Flow like music. And, sing farewell […]

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Girl at Table; Depression; Health Collective

Choose Your Words Wisely: On Melancholy and Sadness

By Jayshree M. Tripathi Have you noticed the apparent stealth with which certain words are doing the rounds on Social Media platforms, in a flippant way? How some persons talk about counselling in belittling tones or alternatively, in nonchalant tones, saying that it is like going to the gym? We need to pause and consider […]

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The Artidote on instagram

On Empathy and Valuing EQ: Meet The Artidote Founder Jova Ferreryra

Jovanny “Jova” Varela Ferreyra is the founder of The Artidote, an incredible site, which in its own words: “Launched in 2015 as a virtual space where to story-tell, empathize, bond and heal through art, today The Artidote community has become a global support group that has saved lives through social media.” Read edited excerpts of an […]

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Unravelling the Mystery of Anxiety Disorders

By Kamna Chhibber The unknown typically induces fear. Many mental health conditions — despite the stark statistics that show their prevalence — continue to be a mystery to a large segment of the population. Thinking prevails that mental health conditions are a sign of weakness, or an inability to control yourself, something you’re making up […]

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Mental Health in the News

THE HEADLINE: AIIMS explores link between yoga and mental health (The Indian Express) WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: AIIMS director Dr Randeep Guleria said that there are 20 research projects at the premier medical institute looking at the potential health benefits of yoga, including for preventive medicine. The Indian Express references a recent study “showing […]

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Holding the Rain: Short Film Aims to Fight Stigma

The Health Collective speaks to Stewart Hannah, a filmmaker from Scotland who recently released Holding the Rain, a 2 minute silent film aimed at raising awareness about OCD. Stewart says he’s been fascinated by story-telling and filming since childhood, and graduated from the London Film Academy in 2011. He tells Sukanya Sharma that the short film […]

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Mothers and Mental Health

By Vandita Morarka ‘The pedestal you put women on is a cage’ – Ruth Bader Ginsburg As mothers, women are expected (and expect themselves) to leave no stone unturned for the smallest needs of their children, often with little concern for their own personal well-being and healthcare. Whether you consider pregnancy, delivery, adoption, surrogacy, or […]

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Your Stories: The Anxious Hat

By Jessica Xalxo   There had been a moment that morning. Just one. A single ray of sunshine had pierced the otherwise outwardly aesthetic room. Almost shooting at my head, as its golden tendril reflected off of the walls, before losing its novelty and direction. A single yellow spot amidst the black and white of my […]

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