Death by Suicide: Answering Some Key Questions

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By Kamna Chhibber Recent news has highlighted how an individual from any walk of life, regardless of gender, age, stage of life, socio-economic, religious or cultural background may be susceptible to death by suicide. These incidents have left many confused, some overwhelmed, and others unsure of what happened. To the average man, the lives that […]

Holding the Rain: Short Film Aims to Fight Stigma

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The Health Collective speaks to Stewart Hannah, a filmmaker from Scotland who recently released Holding the Rain, a 2 minute silent film aimed at raising awareness about OCD. Stewart says he’s been fascinated by story-telling and filming since childhood, and graduated from the London Film Academy in 2011. He tells Sukanya Sharma that the short film […]

Lessons From a Student Support Centre, One Year On

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By Amrita Tripathi The Manipal Student Support Centre recently completed a year of operations. Set up as part of the Manipal Academy of Higher Education, and funded by the Academy, with services exclusively for students (and covered by student insurance), it could be a viable model for other educational institutes in India. I checked in […]

You Can Heal: A Psychologist’s Message

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Kaneenica Ninawe is a clinical psychologist working in King Edward’s Hospital in Mumbai since 2011. She recently completed her Phd in Health System Studies from TISS. This interview with  Sukanya Sharma has been edited for clarity.   Q: What kind of problems do patients come to you with? Largely people come with a diagnosis of […]