Understanding Trauma Therapies

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By Scherezade Siobhan You can read Part 1 of this piece here In Poetry and Memory, James Applewhite writes – “Memory is always allowing itself to be used, but won’t be coerced; there are better strategies than head-on pressure. Memory has its own processes and its own selectivity. Scenes, faces, bits of story that rise up spontaneously are […]

How Bullet Journal Helped Me Deal with My Anxiety & Why I Will Never Force It on You

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By Rajashree Gandhi It has been over a year since I started using a bullet journal. It feels like possessing an extra mind that works towards a better ambience for the existing one. A simple Google search suggests how massive a trend bullet journaling is. It has benefited a variety of people, including mental health survivors. This […]

Autism Awareness Day: Busting Myths

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By Sukanya Sharma ‘People with autism are anti-social People with autism are stupid’ These are some common myths about autism, Radha Iyer, a parent of a 9 year old with Autism Spectrum Disorder tells The Health Collective. While some people feel that children on the spectrum are incapable of living an independent life, she knows of […]

Mental Health and Indian Pop Culture

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Shruti Venkatesh Here’s what we know: Indian cinema, especially Bollywood, repeatedly misrepresents mental health and illness. And yet, India is not a country completely in the dark when it comes to mental health awareness. So why does its most popular film industry rarely create content which correctly portrays mental health for a general population that […]

Ask the Experts: Busting Five Myths About Therapy

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By Kamna Chhibber Undertaking therapy is not an easy decision for most people. Over the years that I have interacted with patients, doctors, friends and family I have recognised the many myths and misconceptions that people harbour about both therapy and therapists. It is not enough to simply say ‘Therapy is helpful and so you […]

The Law and You: Trans Persons, Mental Healthcare and the Law

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By Vandita Morarka “People call us hijra, chakka and all sorts of things, no one asks us our individual names or what we want to be called. Terminology doesn’t matter when there is no respect,” Surekha*, a transgender woman from a low income community, who self-identifies as belonging to the hijra community tells The Health Collective. These […]