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The Unbearable Lightness of Being Young: A Debut Novel

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The following is from The Worlds Within You by Shreya Ramachandran, excerpted with permission from Penguin Random House India. You can read an e-interview with author Shreya Ramachandran #comingsoon. “Did Sam remember all this? Did she tally my life decisionsand actions like they were marks in a game of Scrabble? Howfar back did everyone’s memory […]

Affirmations on the Health Collective

I Let Me Love Myself: An Affirmation You Need

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By Adwaita Das “In all our brilliant light and tender darknesses, in all our colours on brave display, as well as those hues contained in our soulful depths, in all our shapes and shades, we deserve love; we are worthy of being loved. Rather than blindly chase the clichéd conditioned binary romance, let us practice the […]

Preventing Suicide Crisis book

Out Now: Life Interrupted, Understanding India’s Suicide Crisis

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This book aims to present evidence-based strategies to tackle suicide, using interviews, case studies, and conversations that lay readers can make sense of, while proposing an outline of steps that policy makers, journalists and key stakeholder groups can collaborate on to provide better solutions and save precious lives in India.