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Affirmations: I Let Go of Guilt and Doubt

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By Adwaita Das     Doubt and guilt are so deeply ingrained in social systems; they can hound us and disrupt our entire lives. It is time to let go of doubt and guilt. It is time to truly step into the magnificent power of being our confident selves. Affirm the above to release limitedness […]

I'm Fine by Kishore Mohan

डिप्रेशन के बारे में कितना कुछ जानते हैं आप, एक्सपर्ट से समझिए

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मीरा हरन अल्वा भारत में डिप्रेशन वर्ल्ड हेल्थ आर्गेनाइजेशन की संस्था वर्ल्ड मेंटल हेल्थ की मदद से हुए अध्ययन के मुताबिक क़रीब 36% भारतीय अपने जीवन में कभी ना कभी बहुत ज़्यादा डिप्रेशन में होते हैं. जब एक तिहाई से ज़्यादा आबादी इस समस्या की चपेट में हो तो इस समस्या के बारे में जानना और दूसरों […]

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Young Voices: A Letter from a Law Student on Life, Stress and Being There

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By Sukirti Agrawal I am writing this letter to remind you how much I care for you. You are a gem and I am here for you. This letter is a gentle reminder for our loneliness. I hope for it to relieve you and make you feel strong; for you to feel free to dance […]


Ask the Experts: What to do if the News is Triggering Anxiety?

Ask the Experts Kamna Chhibber

By Kamna Chhibber Anxiety is an adaptive response, an indication being provided by our mind and body to protect us from a difficult and threatening situation. In olden eras, the threat may have been posed by wild animals and fires or storms. In today’s day and age, the threats can be multi-fold: it’s not just […]

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Affirmations: Life is on My Side

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By Adwaita Das   There are times when everything seems to be going wrong. Things feel awful, with no respite in sight. Affirm the above to release the painful patterns and align with all the support that life has to offer! About the artist: Adwaita is an author-filmmaker-artist. Her books Colours of Shadow, 27 Stitches, and Songs […]


Wellness by any Name: Of Language and Expression

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By Scherezade Siobhan I must start with a confession― I used to detest those listicles that courted the allure of ‘untranslatable’ words from ‘foreign’ languages. Partly because a lot of them were poorly structured, also because I found them teetering at the hem of cultural appropriation. The idea that something is being deemed ‘foreign’ from […]

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Affirmations: The Power of Self-Love

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By Adwaita Das     Self doubt can be a real super villain – cackling about our shortcomings, putting us down, bringing up crippling guilt and fear. Repeat the above affirmations to tune into the super power of self-love! Check Out More Affirmations by Adwaita Das   About the artist: Adwaita is an author-filmmaker-artist. Her […]

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Your Stories: ‘I’m In Therapy And It’s Wonderful’

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By Rachit Varma The world that I live in, the people that surround me, the circles that I’m a part of; they’re mostly good. But I’d like to tell them something today. Something that I’ve been meaning to talk about for some time now. Something very personal and something that may surprise some of you. […]

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Solo’s Sadventures 09: The Art of Self-Care

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  Check out more Sadventures by Solo About the Artist: Solo is a writer and cartoonist from Bangalore. She likes reading, playing video games and binge-watching Netflix. Her life would have been rather unremarkable had it not been for her BPD fuelled imagination. She also has 4 cats. Views Expressed are Personal. The Health Collective is not a […]

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Affirmations: I Accept Abundance

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By Adwaita Das   Anxiety about finances, careers and even basic amenities can be a regular mental horror in day-to-day life. Repeating the above affirmations can bring about alignment with external opportunities as well as internal peace.   Check Out More Affirmations by Adwaita Das About the artist: Adwaita is an author-filmmaker-artist. Her books Colours […]