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Your Stories: Autism Awareness


(By Kishore Mohan and Merryn John/ Health Collective)

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Avoid Stereotypes, Navigate Your Way to Mental Health

Havovi Hyderabadwalla is a clinical and forensic psychologist, who believes that the knowledge of psychology is a powerful tool that can improve lives. Edited excerpts of her interview with The Health Collective’s Sukanya Sharma.


Can you take us through any gender-related stereotypes?

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The Phantom Pain Monster: My Battle with PTSD and Fibromyalgia


By Sohni Chakrabarti

How do you begin to chart the cartographies of pain? Where do you really start? Is there ever a starting point to your pain? A certain location within the map of your mind where you can pin-point and say this is where it all started.

As I started to think ab…

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Life Beyond Trauma: A Therapy Guide

The Health Collective/ Image courtesy Raw Pixel


By Scherezade Siobhan

The recent months have seen the emergence of a resounding global movement that is countering the unfortunate prevalence of sexual, emotional and physical violence against women and woman-identified folks. There is …

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Ask the Experts: A Psychologist's Journey

The Health Collective/ Image courtesy Raw Pixel


This Women’s Day, as part of our special series, we’re bringing you more from and about our wonderful contributors. Here are edited excerpts of an interview with Kamna Chhibber, Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Head, Mental Health a…

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Mental Illness, Stigma and Gender Stereotypes

The Health Collective/ Image courtesy Raw Pixel


By Shubhrata Prakash

Mental illness is tough on everyone, men and women, and even tougher on children; and so is the social stigma surrounding its various forms. No one has it easier simply because they are a man or a woman. However, there do e…

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Overcoming Depression: A Non-Stop Fight

The Health Collective/ Image courtesy Raw Pixel


By Riya*

I have had a difficult, tiring experience with depression. But I fought and overcame it all. Here is my story.

I was a brilliant student until my 10th standard, when I had a nervous breakdown. The doctors in Chennai diagnosed…

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