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Faith, Reason and the Mindset of a Follower


‘Faith is what I die for, dogma is what I kill for’ is the saying. And we saw much of that unfolding in the aftermath of the verdict against Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh. All faith is dogma. And faith is nothing but belief unfounded on facts. Epistemology, a branch …

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I'm Okay, You're Okay


Art by Kishore Mohan for The Health Collective

Art by: Kishore Mohan 

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Media Watch: Portrayal of Mental Illness and Suicide

By Tanmoy Goswami

IMAGINE A GAME that asks young people to kill themselves, leaving a trail of bodies from Ust-Ilimsk to Mumbai to West Midnapore. Your first impulse is to dismiss it as another bizarre fad that “normal” homes like yours are immune to. But if you have a teenage child, or a young b…

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Dementia: Five Things Not to Say to People You Care About

Amrita Tripathi interviews Himanjali Sankar for The Health Collective

Do read an excerpt of Mrs C Remembers right here on The Health Collective.


I. Congratulations on an incredibly compelling story, a complicated one and a very personal one. First off, what drove you to write this book? And what would you want to share about your own personal story?


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Mrs C Remembers: An Excerpt

Featuring an excerpt of the wonderful book Mrs C Remembers, where author Himanjali Sankar explores unique family dynamics, the mother-daughter relationship and the condition of dementia (and coming to terms with a loved one getting the diagnosis), with a profound touch.

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The Law and You: Mental Health and the Rights of Minors

By Vandita Morarka

The law in India, as in several other countries, shows a stark divide in how it treats minors and adults. Most especially this divide is seen in aspects of law that give persons agency to make decisions and exercise their choices. Similar legal attributes determine rights o…

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D is for Depression: The Health Collective Interview (Hindi)

This interview with Shubhrata Prakash, author of 'The D Word' is on our site in English here; it is translated into Hindi in partnership with the team at Newsroom Post.

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1)       अगर आप पीछे मुड़कर देखें तो आपकी इस यात्रा का सबसे कठिन भाग क्या रहा है?…

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Just Breathe: What Does an Anxiety Attack Feel Like?

A Day in the Life of
Someone who Suffers Anxiety Attacks

Constant Punches to the Gut


Anxiety by Pig Studio for The Health CollectiveArt by Pig Studio for The Health Collective

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We Need to Talk about Mental Health and Therapy

By Sukanya Sharma

What is therapy? Why do people shy away from it? What makes the conversation difficult? How does one approach therapy? How does one know one needs help? Will such persons be scrutinised? Will they be tagged or stereotyped? Will people mock them for their vulnerability? Or can we c…

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Mental Health in India: Which Treatment Model Works Best?

By Devanik Saha

India needs more qualified professionals to tackle its mental health crisis. In an earlier piece, I had written how there is an 87% shortage of public mental health professionals in India and this may well be an under-stated figure.

Also Read: The Law and You: Mental Health

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Stress and Your Child: What You Need to Know

By Sukanya Sharma

The American Psychology Association released a paper earlier this year looking at "coping, emotion regulation, and internalizing and externalizing symptoms of psychopathology in childhood and adolescence", to quote from the abstract. The problem is that we sometimes are completely…

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Your Stories: Solo's Sadventures

Mental Health by Solo for The Health Collective
Introducing 'Sadventures' by Solo for The Health Collective 



About the artist:
Solo is a writer and cartoonist from Bangalore. She likes reading, playing video games and binge-watching Netflix. Her life would have been rather unremarkable had it not been for her BPD fuelled imag…

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Reporter's Diary: Maternal Mental Health and Me

By Prerna Uppal

By the time I was 38 weeks pregnant, I was armed to the teeth with information and support for the impending childbirth. I assumed that once the baby arrived, life would be business as usual, plus one.

What I didn’t expect was that this 3.5 kg, 53 cm human would take over my wh…

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