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Why You Might Want to Try Dance Movement Therapy

The third part in the Mind-Body Connection series looks at Dance Movement Therapy and how dance, in the form of unstructured movements, when stripped of its ornamental and performative elements, has surprising healing effects.  By Somi Das I have always been a dance enthusiast. The natural physical agility I had inherited from both my parents always […]

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Message for Batch of 2020

An 18 Year Old Anxiety Survivor and ‘Badass’ Tells It Like It Is

By Manvi Tiwari I am 18 years old right now. In the previous lockdown, I started to feel very anxious, often I would cry and wouldn’t even know the reason why I was crying. I couldn’t attend classes and my teachers would call me and complain about it. At a certain time, I even had […]

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