Understanding Mental Health: What Isn’t Counselling and What Should We Watch out For? (Tamil)

What isn’t Counselling:There is a misconception that counselling may offer one a fix to their problem, or one will be told what to do. Counselling will be effective only when it is facilitated by a trained therapist. The role of the counsellor is not to judge you, but rather to help you gain a realistic perspective of your concern, and help […]

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Understanding Mental Health: When Should We Go For Counselling?

There is often the misconception that one seeks counselling only when there is the presence of a severe mental illness. Counselling helps in these situations, as well as any issue that is of concern to you, it could be relationship issues, family problems, financial stress, work stress etc. In today’s day and time, we face multiple […]

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What Do we mean by Mental Health? Tamil Video

About the author: Anne Sureshkumar holds masters degrees in social work and philosophy: guidance and counselling, and is a registered social worker. Raised in Zambia and Nigeria, she has lived largely in the south of India, before moving to Canada.  Anne grew up questioning the alarming socio-economic inequalities and gender biases within present-day societies, which […]

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