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Ask the Experts: Dr Google and the Problem with Self-Diagnosis

By Ratna Golaknath Don’t we always know when something doesn’t feel quite right with us? Aren’t we the first to figure out when our mood is low, irritable or even exuberant or aggressive? Sometimes we pick up on the pattern in our moods- ‘I get really low around my period’, ‘ I find the holidays […]

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Lost Voices: Losing a Pregnancy

By Ratna Golaknath This article is a part of a series called “lost voices”, where Ratna Golaknath writes about issues that are often unspoken about and that hardly ever reach the therapy rooms. Many of my friends, acquaintances and clients have shared the experience of losing a pregnancy. This could be for medical reasons, an elective decision, […]

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‘Lost Voices’ & the Bigger Picture of Abuse and Trauma

By Ratna Golaknath I have worked as a therapist/ counsellor for nearly the last fifteen years. While my life continues to be closely linked with providing support and care to people, I no longer practise chamber room therapy. One among the many reasons for stepping away from therapy was the realisation of the many “lost […]

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