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We are in This Together: Dr Karan Thakur on The Health Collective

Mental Health Videos Voices Your Stories

We had shared a while ago that we would love to hear from you, yes you!

You’re Not Alone: Sharing your Thoughts in Solidarity

Without making this just a symbolic gesture, or sharing empty words, we do want you to know that you’re Not Alone.

Today, am delighted to share more from Dr Karan Thakur with his thoughts on what may yet come of these strange times, and where we might find meaning. Let us know your thoughts, as always, and know that you’re #NotAlone




Stay well, stay safe, all!

And get in touch if you’d like! (E: team[at]healthcollective[dot]in)

Or simply share your videos and tag us on social! Use #NotAlone in solidarity.




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