Mental Health Books: Real Stories of Dealing With Depression

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Mindscape Book 1
Real Stories of Dealing With Depression by Amrita Tripathi and Arpita Anand


We are delighted to share that pre-orders are open for the first book in the Mindscape series, published by Simon & Schuster India.

‘Real Stories of Dealing With Depression’ is truly a Health Collective effort, featuring 10 stories — 9 first-person stories you have shared with us, and built out further for the book, as well as a report on Heart Mothers, plus expert commentary by psychologist Arpita Anand, the wonderful co-author on this book. We also have comics by Kishore Mohan and Pig Studio, an interview with Dr Vikram Patel and expert advice from psychologists Ratna Golaknath and Meera Haran Alva and many more.

We will be sharing more including on our wonderful contributors, but hope to see some of you at the launch of the book in Delhi on June 28. (Details to follow!)

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