Mothers and Mental Health

By Vandita Morarka ‘The pedestal you put women on is a cage’ – Ruth Bader Ginsburg As mothers, women are expected (and expect themselves) to leave no stone unturned for the smallest needs of their children, often with little concern for their own personal well-being and healthcare. Whether you consider pregnancy, delivery, adoption, surrogacy, or […]

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Lessons From a Student Support Centre, One Year On

By Amrita Tripathi The Manipal Student Support Centre recently completed a year of operations. Set up as part of the Manipal Academy of Higher Education, and funded by the Academy, with services exclusively for students (and covered by student insurance), it could be a viable model for other educational institutes in India. I checked in […]

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Suicide is Not the Answer: A Survivor’s Story

Featuring a powerful Survivor Story in collaboration with The Suicide Prevention India Foundation.    Anurag Khanna is a 26-year-old from Kolkata who works as a business analyst in Bangalore. This is a part of his story. When I was five, I lost my father to a heart attack but my mother made sure we (my elder […]

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Unsplash Photo on Yoga

Mental Health in the News

  THE HEADLINE: Studies take a closer look at Mental Health challenges faced by LGBTQ Youth (Reuters) WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: Three studies conducted in the US were published in Pediatrics to showcase the mental health challenges that LGBTQ youth face. The first study was done in California and Georgia, in which medical records of […]

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You Can Heal: A Psychologist’s Message

Kaneenica Ninawe is a clinical psychologist working in King Edward’s Hospital in Mumbai since 2011. She recently completed her Phd in Health System Studies from TISS. This interview with  Sukanya Sharma has been edited for clarity.   Q: What kind of problems do patients come to you with? Largely people come with a diagnosis of […]

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Ask the Experts: Food and Nutrition

Kamna Chhibber, a clinical psychologist and regular contributor to The Health Collective, answers some of our questions. This interview is a quick follow-up to this article: Food, Nutrition, Well-Being and You Q: Does good nutrition prevent any mental illnesses? Having the right nutrition can aid in having overall good health and well-being which enhances our resilience […]

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High Functioning Depression and Me

by Anonymous   There’s too much noise inside my head. Constant. Cluttered. Cacophonous. Two years ago was the first time someone I knew professionally (who was also a therapist) told me that I was probably undergoing depression, I don’t want to use the term diagnosed because it makes me feel like death for me is […]

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Learn to De-Clutter to De-Stress and Unwind

By Alice Robertson Steady, consistent progress: That seems like a simplistic explanation of how people with clean homes keep them so tidy, but it’s a good way to describe a lifestyle choice that makes an enormous difference. Like it or not, all those habits your mother tried to drum into you all those years ago really […]

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