Mindscape Series: New Book on Young Mental Health Launched

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We did it! Book 2 in the Mindscape Series: Young Mental Health has been released. It was so wonderful to have a stellar panel to launch our book. Buy Book Two in the Mindscape series: Young Mental Health We promised a fab panel and that’s what we got — an authentic, informative conversation with my […]

Mental Health and Us

You’re Not Alone: Sharing your Thoughts in Solidarity

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I put up a short video to kick off part of our #NotAlone campaign and conversations for those of you who want to share how you’re feeling, what you’re thinking, and if you want to send a message of solidarity to others going through what they’re going through. No pressure to join in! If you […]

Gaming and Mental Health

Game On: How Playing Video Games Helped My Mental Health

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By Ananya Borgohain While Covid-19 and the lockdowns have made the world a smaller place, they have also reduced it to the status of a narrow portal, where students, the elderly, professionals and homemakers alike live in unison with uncertainty, stress and the gripping fear that they may not meet loved ones this year. Much […]

Music and Mental Health

Mental Health and Music: Listen to the Song Andhera

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Andhera is quite a beautiful, evocative song about a struggle with mental illness; as we know, it’s also brave to share so openly what it can be like to deal with mental illness in India. We asked the artists, Bluesanova and Lil Todu, to share some of their own journey with us.   Song credits: […]

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Five Tips to Talk About Mental Health Responsibly

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We know the feeling — things are moving so fast that it’s sometimes hard to keep up with all the guidelines on commenting/ sharing responsibly when it comes to a topic you are so passionate about… A topic that’s often in the middle of a blindingly urgent news cycle, a news cycle that itself doesn’t […]

Music and you

Covid-19 and You: Tunes for Troubled Times

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By Ilina Acharya The Covid-19 world has changed the topography of how we lead our lives. It has also triggered anxiety and affected our mental health. Uncertainty and the resulting stress can take over the mindscape. My oxygen mask for stress is music. It automatically soothes and calms me. Songs take you back to who […]

Solo’s Sadventures 12: Things some ‘friends’ say

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  Check out more Sadventures by Solo About the Artist: Solo is a writer and cartoonist from Bangalore. She likes reading comics, playing video games and binge-watching Netflix. Her life would have been rather unremarkable had it not been for her BPD fuelled imagination. She also has 4 cats. Views Expressed are Personal. The Health Collective is not […]

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Lockdown Comics: Applying Lessons Learned Coping with Depression

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By Ishita Mehra           Views expressed are personal. The Health Collective cannot substitute for expert advice from a trained mental health expert. Your Stories: What Helped Me During Depression ALSO READ: YOUR STORIES: BATTLING STIGMA, DEPRESSION AS A YOUNG ADULT About the Author: Ishita is a mental health youth advocate and […]

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Positive Affirmation: I Appreciate Myself

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By Adwaita Das     Have you looked in the mirror and told yourself “I love you”? Each one of us is doing so much. We deserve our appreciation. Let’s give ourselves our love and acceptance.   Check out more Affirmations by Adwaita Das on the site and in our new book Young Mental Health […]

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Learning to Grieve with Joan Didion’s The Year of Magical Thinking

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By Arpita Das Grief lives in the body, someone said. After my father’s death I began to understand what that insightful set of words meant. At inopportune moments, especially in a closed room with several people, I would feel my chest contracting till I felt I had to fall back on the Lamaze breathing I […]

Mindscape 2: Young Mental Health Book Excerpt

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As you may have heard, our new book on Young Mental Health is out. It’s nothing if not a massive, collective endeavour. We wanted to share some of the insights, and the solid, moving foreword that Dr Amit Sen shared with us.   FOREWORD BY DR AMIT SEN* I remember when I decided to pursue […]

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Affirmation: I Allow Myself to Express Myself

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By Adwaita Das       In this evolving world, we are adjusting to changes, reorienting ourselves in spaces. It is essential that we express our truth. The truth can bring revolution. The truth can heal.   Check out more Affirmations by Adwaita Das right here and in our new book Young Mental Health, for […]