Alzheimer’s: The Need for Compassion, Care

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By Kamna Chhibber In my work as a therapist I come across people who struggle with caring for someone who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.  The changes in life expectancy having altered the age to which human beings live has also created a dent in the issues that individuals face when they reach the later […]

Exit Signs: Understanding Abusive Relationships

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By Dr Samir Parikh While every relationship inevitably has its ups and downs, the experience of being a victim of abuse by one’s partner is very traumatic and painful. The consequences of being in such a relationship are equally devastating, if not more, than a physically abusive relationship, with the additional factor of the subtle nature […]

Suicide Prevention Day: Creating the Space to Seek Help

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By Kamna Chhibber Speaking, talking and sharing are not always given space in society. Often we shy away from discussing difficult issues. We find it a challenge to share our true thoughts and feelings. Many feel that what goes on within them may not be acceptable to others around them and in society at large. […]

Center the Margins: Understanding Queer-Affirmative Therapy

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By Scherezade Siobhan I was woken up this morning by a message from a young therapy client today and the text read as follows– “Hi, just thought I’d share that my dad sent me a bouquet of roses and a card that says “Freedom”. He was on whatsapp with me through the time the verdict was […]

Parenting in Urban India: A Quick Take

Articles Sukanya Sharma

By Sukanya Sharma “Yeh freelancing kya hota hai, beta?” …As I try to explain my work profile to my parents. I’ve been repeating this for about 3 years now, almost. And every time, I have to come up with ‘acceptable’ definitions. “Yeh toh bhaut struggle ka kaam lagta hai”, says my father.   (Editor’s Note: […]

In Plain Fright – Understanding Therapy for Phobias

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By Scherezade Siobhan Awaiting the elevator to hit the ground floor, from the corner of my eye I am watching the Swiggy delivery guy sign into the visitor’s entry register and secretly praying that he speeds up so he can get into the elevator with me. No, this is not some warped fantasy or fetish, […]

Unravelling the Mystery of Anxiety Disorders

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By Kamna Chhibber The unknown typically induces fear. Many mental health conditions — despite the stark statistics that show their prevalence — continue to be a mystery to a large segment of the population. Thinking prevails that mental health conditions are a sign of weakness, or an inability to control yourself, something you’re making up […]

Interviewing Miss International Queen

Articles Devanik Saha

As part of our Freedom Series, Devanik Saha interviews Nitasha Biswas, Miss International Queen 2018. Edited excerpts from the interview. “Tackling one’s mental health is one of the biggest challenges for any LGBTQ+ person. Given India’s societal stereotypes, accepting your own gender identity and bodily changes is a difficult task,” Nitasha Biswas tells The Health Collective. ALSO […]