Health Insurance for All: Mental Health

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By The Health Collective Is Mental Healthcare in India coming of age? It might be premature to celebrate, but there is a huge and significant move that looks at ensuring that mental healthcare is treated on par with physical or general medical healthcare. There is a directive to insurers to ensure medical insurance for treatment […]

The Freedom Series: Mental Health and the Queer Community

Devanik Saha Mental Health

By Devanik Saha More than 60 million people in India are estimated to suffer from some form of mental illness. Some communities are particularly vulnerable and under-served. “Tackling one’s mental health is one of the biggest challenges for any LGBTQ+ person. Given India’s societal stereotypes, accepting your own gender identity and bodily changes is a […]

Endometriosis: Steering Through Pain and Trauma

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By Swarnima Bhattacharya Endometriosis is one of the most debilitating, excruciatingly painful, life-altering conditions you have never heard of. What is even more unheard of, is the narrative of empowerment, awareness and support that should necessarily run alongside crippling unpredictable diseases such as this. The causes and cure of endometriosis are famously unknown. We only […]

Gaslighting: Legal Support and Protection  

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By Scherezade Siobhan This article is Part 3 of a series unpacking the issues around what is called ‘Gaslighting’.  Do read Part 1: Gaslighting: Red Flags and Part 2: Gaslighting: Getting Help and Healing One part of emerging as a survivor of gaslighting and the traumatic fallout of abuse is to seek mental health help to rebuild […]

Understanding Psychiatry: Busting Myths

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By Dr Samir Parikh Having worked in the field of mental health for almost two decades, I have witnessed a significant increase in the awareness and education related to the field of mental health, especially with the growing exposure of various media platforms. However, there still exists a large section of the population which is […]