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We Write What we Cannot Speak: A Review of ‘No Straight Thing Was Ever Made’

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Tanmoy Goswami reviews for The Health Collective Urvashi Bahuguna’s book No Straight Thing Was Ever Made and finds it is a book of considerable quality and that as a map of a mind in turmoil, unique to the writer and yet profoundly universal, it is a book of even greater value.

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Mind-Body Connection: Taking a ‘Hands-on’ Approach to Mental Well-being

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In the last year people seem to have taken to what can be called mindfulness art practices like Mandala, Zentangle, pottery, therapeutic knitting as ways to deal with their anxiety and the general sense of uncertainty that the pandemic brought to our lives. Find out why that is and what might help you in this special post on The Health Collective

Does Mental Health in India have a Fake News Problem?

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In this episode of Health Collective Talks, Amrita Tripathi speaks to the co-founder and chief of Product for Quilt.AI, Dr Angad Chowhdry to unpack findings from a recent report on Mental Health in India. From the finding that there were ‘11 MILLION searches for Anxiety‘ alone, to his belief that some major intervention may be […]