You Can Heal: A Psychologist’s Message

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Kaneenica Ninawe is a clinical psychologist working in King Edward’s Hospital in Mumbai since 2011. She recently completed her Phd in Health System Studies from TISS. This interview with  Sukanya Sharma has been edited for clarity.   Q: What kind of problems do patients come to you with? Largely people come with a diagnosis of […]


Ask the Experts: Food and Nutrition

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Kamna Chhibber, a clinical psychologist and regular contributor to The Health Collective, answers some of our questions. This interview is a quick follow-up to this article: Food, Nutrition, Well-Being and You Q: Does good nutrition prevent any mental illnesses? Having the right nutrition can aid in having overall good health and well-being which enhances our resilience […]

Love and Us: A Generation of Scaredy Cats

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By Sukanya Sharma Has anyone seen this show called “Love” on Netflix? The premise is pretty much what the title suggests —  the show is about a couple trying to find love…emphasis on “trying”. I checked out the IMDB description, which reads, “A program that follows a couple who must navigate the exhilarations and humiliations […]

Ask the Experts: Bullying and School Kids

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By Dr Amit Sen Bullying I feel is hugely underestimated and a lot of people don’t quite understand what it means. Schools that say they don’t have bullying– and many schools say  they don’t have any bullying in their schools — probably don’t understand what it (entails). Bullying is rampant, across cultures, across different age […]