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The Health Collective aims to be a safe space for conversations, information and resources, especially for those here in India. We start with Mental Health, where India is traditionally under-served.

Working with trusted mental health experts, we will list out the basics you need to know. We are aggregating a list of helplines available in the country, and are creating a database of vetted psychologists and psychiatrists, so that when you need someone, you'll be able to find someone trusted close to you.

Some of you are kindly sharing your first-person accounts, and we salute your courage and thank you for sharing your stories... as we collectively look to raise awareness, lift the stigma, and ensure our loved ones get help when they/we need it. More about us and our advisory team is on here.

We will need to do this step-by-step and are counting on many of you to share of your time, your stories, your expertise. For the moment, we request your patience and good vibes as we strive to do justice to the idea.




You will find Information across the site on mental health:

  • FIRST PERSON ACCOUNTS: on living with bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, overcoming an eating disorder* anxiety and depression, learning to heal, self-harm*, living with post-partum depression, How Therapy Works
    (*Trigger warning)
  • EXPERT VIEWS: On Child and Adolescent Mental Health, Schizophrenia, Depression, The Need to Pause, Myths about Child Abuse and Boys, How Therapy Works, How to be Kind to Yourself, Family Therapy, Losing a Pregnancy: Allow Yourself Time to Grieve
  • Health News: Policy, Air Pollution, A Status Check of India's Mental Health Systems, Suicide in India  
  • More Information on Mental Health, including Infographics:
  • - Myths and Facts on depression
    - Understanding Panic Disorders

    - Understanding Anxiety Disorders
    - Post-Partum Depression

    - Myths on Child Abuse
  • - Suicide Prevention: Warning signs that you or a loved one should get immediate help
  • Information on Where to get help: 
    For resources / access to help, please look at our Resource Centre (on the right) and Contacts
  • For child sexual abuse across the metros of India
  • Available suicide helplines (being re-verified for 2017)
  • Our list of peer- vetted psychologists and psychiatrists*
    *This list
    is a work-in-progress. Please note: 
    Our primary aim in creating a database is to provide information on TRUSTED and GOOD mental health practitioners, based on peer- as well as client recommendations, but The Health Collective cannot be held liable for any issues arising from your using these independent third party services.

  • We are on the Mental Health Innovation Network
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