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The Health Collective’s mission is to raise awareness and share credible information on Mental Health and Mental Illness from an India lens, with original reportage, stories of lived experience, expert columns and comics. Till date we have ~300 stories, and more than 200K uniques on our site, as well as a vibrant, lovely community and […]

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Health Collective Talks: ‘Worst Stereotypes are Ones You Believe’

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Living with Anxiety and Depression, young Mental Health Advocates Arjun Gupta and Ayushi Khemka share some reality checks including how they cope, things that have helped them and some of the big challenges, in conversation with Anindita Chatterjee.

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Health Collective Talks: The Death of an Office and other Covid-19 stories

Amrita Tripathi Mental Health

What is the biggest change going to be to your work-life in the after (Covid-19) times? We speak to Anindita Chatterjee, a senior content director at Radio Mirchi, speaking here in her personal capacity as a Mental Health Advocate, on her concerns about the death of the office, what it’s meant for our work lives, […]

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Health Collective Talks: Real Conversations on Mental Health in India

Amrita Tripathi Ask the Experts

What do we make of ‘Mental Health in India’ — What are the issues we need to be talking about, the conversations we need to be having? Where is the reality check to balance out the pop psychology on display, the nuance to balance out the click-bait, and the real information to check the (all-too-often-toxic) […]

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My Journey with Anxiety: No, It’s Not Nervousness

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By Ayushi Khemka A year or two ago, I remember seeing a popular “women-centric digital platform in India” selling their own merchandise, specifically a hoodie with “ANXIETY! ANXIETY! ANXIETY!” written over it in big, bold letters and bright colours. On probing further, I found out that the product description contained words like “quirky” to flesh […]

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How Patients With Mental Illness and Hospitals in India are Coping with COVID-19

Mental Health Reporter's Diary

This story is reported as part of the India for Mental Health Fellowship launched in 2020 by Indiaspend in partnership with The Health Collective By Riddhi Dastidar New Delhi: For 14 years, Meenakshi Raman (name changed) had been taking her younger sister, 46-year-old Shruti (name changed), for treatment to the Institute of Human Behaviour and […]