Know Your Rights: Mental Healthcare Act 2017

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By Arjun Kapoor This series will explore the rights of Persons with Mental Illness under the Mental Healthcare Act, 2017 [“MHCA”]. This article looks at the MHCA, the lens of a rights-based approach, and your right to access mental healthcare in India. The next piece in this series will examine the basic rights of persons with […]

Taking Care of Ourselves: #MeToo & Mental Health

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By Scherezade Siobhan The prominent writer Clarice Lispector once wrote, “Many were they who abandoned all they had and went in search of the greater hunger.” The emergence of #MeToo across India’s digital landscape has created a new social climate for awareness about the importance of restorative justice and making explicit the unspoken trauma of […]

Legends of Tomorrow: Talking Mental Health and Queer Lives through Sci Fi and Fantasy

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By Ilina Acharya There is something about the show Legends of Tomorrow that has left me captivated. Maybe it is the revelation that there are TV shows such as this that are queer, have kickass female leads as well as fun and diverse characters. Some strange plot devices notwithstanding, it’s a pretty entertaining show. And who said […]

Once Upon a Time: The Keys to Romance

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By Tanya Vasunia It is through our relationships that we evolve and thrive as human beings. The last ten years have seen considerable changes in the inter-personal relationship landscape, with the boom of  telecommunication services and internet connectivity. As such, the role of relationships in our lives has transformed to suit the 21st century. But some […]

How To Cope With Your Brand New BPD Diagnosis: Part II

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Coping with a new diagnosis of any sort isn’t easy. It is especially difficult when it is BPD.  Because being BPD means a lot of things. It means dealing with intense, unstable emotions, uncontrollable rage, paranoia, delusions and being an incorrigible defeatist. But here’s how you can make your mind a safer space! Read How […]

Your Stories: Living with Panic Attacks, Anxiety and Depression

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By Anonymous Life events in my early twenties triggered the first onslaught of panic attacks and anxiety. And no, anxiety and panic attacks are not just (an) over reaction to nervousness. They can be severely debilitating, capturing your mind and body in their iron strongholds, until you start to feel your body and mind being […]