Why are You Here: What is The Health Collective?

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The Health Collective is a place for stories, original reportage, art and comics around Mental Health and Mental Illness, from an India lens. Edited by journalist and writer Amrita Tripathi (that’s me), the site is meant to be a safe space, a harbour for us to think about, examine, talk about and excavate some complicated […]

Disability Rights

‘Disability is a Social, not Physical Issue’

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Disability is a social issue, not a physical one. Gouri Bhuyan writes about the need to reassess how we approach disability and stop perpetuating discrimination, making a call for Mental health practitioners to rethink their gaze. Reprinted here with permission from the Mariwala Health Initiative

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Alone in the Crowd: Here’s What You Need to Know about Urban Loneliness

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Alone in the Crowd: Overcoming Loneliness of Urban Living is a new book out by Dr Samir Parikh and Kamna Chhibber. Read an excerpt here and check out our e-interview with the authors. Can you share more on this phenomenon of urban loneliness? Dr. Samir Parikh: Urban loneliness is a pervasive reality characterising urban city […]

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It’s Not Just the Pandemic: Understanding Urban Loneliness

Ask the Experts Kamna Chhibber

In a city high-rise, sitting in the balcony on the 25th floor, sipping tea, you look out into the horizon, city lights glimmering in the distance, cars fading away as they rush across the highway. You are surrounded by silence though you can hear the faint noises of the horns honking on the road. You […]